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Emergency Contact Number for Steeple Glenn

In case of any life threatening emergency - please call 9-1-1

After regular business hours: In case of non life-threatening emergencies, please call (302) 206-8206.  Inconveniences are not considered emergencies, such as illegally parked cars, rule violations, questions about accounts, and ARC Requests. These types of situations are better handled by the association manager during normal business hours. 8 AM - 4 PM.

During regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8 am- 4 pm) please call Lisa Kelly @Kelly Management for "emergency" and "non-emergency" issues:

  • A typical emergency call to Kelly Management would involve a water pipe leak, sewage back up or to report fire damage.

  • A typical "non-emergency" issue would involve a gutter overflow, landscaping issue or asking "what day is recycling collected".

Please contact Kelly Management (Lisa Kelly) @302-565-4499  or 610-335-1099


email Lisa Kelly 

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